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Red/photonic light can be used on humans, horses, dogs, cats, birds, goats, cows, rabbits, hamsters, etc. The same light can be used on all the aforementioned.  It is harmless but packs a punch in being pro-active in maintaining health and/or helping the body heal itself.
The scientific explanation of how the light works is that emits 660nm (660 nanometers) of light, which falls under red in the color spectrum.  A healthy body cell vibrates at about 660nm. When tissue sustains injury or illness the vibration level in the affected cells goes down. Increasing the vibration level in the cell with the photonic red light is like jump starting a dead car battery; it accelerates the mitochondria within the cell, which increases ATP production.  ATP sends signals to the brain so the brain releases endorphins, anti-inflammatories, serotonin, and more.
Not only does red light therapy have the ability to address physiological, mental, and emotional issues, but it has been found, and proven, that the light stimulates the mitochondria within the cell which increases ATP production. Increased ATP production allows damaged cells to accept nutrients more quickly and to eliminate toxins. If administered quickly enough, it can prevent cellular death. This process allows the body to heal itself by reducing/eliminating pain and inflammation, while increasing circulation. It also excites the collagen within the damaged tissue, and allows the body to heal itself faster.
There are two ways to use the light. One is rather intuitive. In other words, if you have an area that is painful or is injured/irritated, simply apply the light. The second way, is to use Eastern medicine/Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), using the same points used in acupuncture, but rather than using a needle, you use the light.
If you are skeptical, I definitely know the feeling. I was the same way until I got desperate. Not for me or my animals, but my daughter. She was having some serious health issues, one of which was caused by a virus. She was attending university at the time, and had free access to one of the best hospitals in Florida. They were unable to help her. That's when I decided to give the red light a try. Since that time, my daughter has been able to resolve almost all her health issues. When she does have a flare up, it is very minor, and easily resolved with the red light. Plus, I was so impressed with the wonderful healing powers of the red light, that I have become a red light therapy practitioner. 
When I have a sore throat, or any symptoms of a cold or flu, I red light ONE SIDE of my carotid artery for 10 minutes, and the symptoms go away. (The red light has the potential to destroy viruses.)
My daughter had injured her finger. After two days of red lighting every couple of hours, the swelling and pain did not intensify, but were not alleviated either, so she went to the hospital.  After reading the x-ray, the doctor said that the fracture of her finger was healing nicely, but that she really shouldn't have waited 2 weeks to have it looked at. (2 weeks of healing in 2 days!!)