Just to be clear and forthright, we represent the manufacturer of what we believe to be the best hand-held red light/photonic therapy device available. The company we represent ships worldwide and honors all their guarantees and warranties (which we explain in further detail below). The difference to you in ordering from us by providing our name, is that instead of being one of the many to the company, you'll be one of the few to us.  Plus, you'll always have the company and us to get information from.
As for trying the light, you have a 90 day money back guarantee. That means, if after 90 days, you are not happy with the light, simply return it in resalable condition for a full refund. Also, if anything were to go wrong with the light during the first two years, simply to ship it back and they will either repair or replace it free of charge.
At some point the question usually becomes: “how much is it?”  Well, the prices depend on a couple of factors. First, whether you want the standard light or the pro light. Then whether you want the basic kit (aka human kit), which includes the light of your choosing, a book for human points, an introductory DVD, a chart showing all the wellness points for humans, the battery for the light, a chart for viral points for the human, a lanyard for the light (standard light only), and a holster for the light. All the other kits include the basic (human) one, but also include specific materials for that particular animal. For instance, the horse kit will include the basic kit and a flip chart booklet for various horse elements such as colic and virus, and a book for horse points. The dog kit will include a book for dog points. The cat kit will include a book for the cat points. Then, you can also get a horse / dog kit, or horse / cat kit, or horse / dog / cat kit.  All kits now include a free online introductory course.
For the standard light:
standard human kit is $400
standard human / horse kit $450
standard human / dog kit $420
standard human / cat kit $420
standard human / cat / dog kit $440
standard human / horse / cat kit $470
standard human / horse / dog / cat kit $490
For the pro light:
pro human kit is $747
pro human / horse kit $797
pro human / dog kit $767
pro human / cat kit $767
pro human / cat / dog kit $787
pro human / horse / dog kit $817
pro human / horse / cat kit $817
pro human / horse / dog / cat kit $837
Shipping does not include the VAT (value added tax) which you may encounter if the light/kit is to be shipped to anywhere outside the USA.
The standard light was the first light created and sold. After several months, certain professionals (vets, horse/people trainers, Olympic athletes, acupuncturists, chiropractors, massage therapists, etc) asked for a supplemental, stronger light. Basically, the pro light was designed with the idea that it would be purchased by people who already have the standard light, to provide more options and to be able to use two lights at once. The pro light is for deeper penetration into the body to help with injured (whether by accident or surgery) organs, bones and tissue, something more often encountered by professionals than the average person. The standard light can also penetrate deep tissue, but it takes longer.  Both lights have the same effect on acupuncture points (aka acupoints).  There is no wrong way to go, so it becomes a personal decision as to which light to get.
If you decide that you too need your own a red light, please let us know.  Thanks. Regardless of whether you ever make a purchase, please let me know what else I can answer for you.

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